Our Project


It is our mission to form young entrepreneurs by means of a skilled education, supported with tools designed specifically to contribute to the development of the essence of being an entrepreneur. We want to form people who will offer great value to society with their knowledge and attitude, allowing them to identify and crystallise opportunities, organise and use resources to resolve problems, and attain the necessary results to create successful projects. We hope this will all contribute greatly to the social and economic development of our planet.


Our vision is to be an organisation with international impact that distinguishes itself by the results that our students have attained. We will use an alternative educational program which is independent, innovative and respectful of the pedagogical course of education. This course is essential for all organisations seeking to form true leaders.


The values that we promote inside and outside the organisation are:

· Entrepreneurship

· Creativity

· Innovation

· Courage

· Perseverance

· Tenacity

· Confidence

· Tolerance

· Honesty

Alar Advantage System

ALAR Advantage, part of the InTruePreneur group, is a series of 11 textbooks in English and Spanish aimed at school children aged 5-17. They have an entrepreneurial theme and the concept of the books is to teach students to be competitive and globally minded as they mature into adults, therefore helping them adapt to the challenges of being part of the new global workforce.

Our system is a way of learning to undertake new projects while developing the spirit and potential of the children.

After multiple investigations into the process of education-learning the System ALAR Advantage was created in response to the dynamics of the current world, where globalisation characterised by enormous competition requires us to approach the diverse situations of life in a new way.